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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Limousines


Would you just love your Limousine to show up at the Bachelor or Bachelorette home, have the chauffeur open the door for you as you go off to a night of dining and dancing? What a special gift a chauffeur driven limousine ride would be for the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Just name your destination; a show, dining, night club. Our luxury limousines are available 24/7. Make your RESERVATION today. 





All you have to do is decide in which limousine you want to arrive in. You can give us your itinerary ahead of time, or just decide where you want to go while in the limo. Our chauffeurs know the Boston area very well. They can take you anywhere you want in a very short time. You can enjoy every minute of you night.

While in the limousine, you can use the glasses to pour in your favorite drink. Alcohol is not provided by Boston Limousine. You have to bring your own drink as long as everyone in your party is over 2. Soft drinks and water are not usually provided by Boson Limousine, but we can always have them available upon request.