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Boston Limousine Suburban SUVs are equipped with the latest comforts and all the amenities you come to expect from one of the leaders in the Boston Metropolitan Area!

Boston Limousine SUV is designed to be comfortable and quiet just like sitting in your own home. It has a triple-sealed doors as well as an acoustic-laminated windshield.

Chevy Suburban SUV Amenities

Include: 2 row leather seats, 6 speaker audio system, Power outlets, 5 auxiliary, 12 volts, climate control. | Book this 7 passenger Chevy suburban for a night on the town, an airport pickup or to attend concerts. Our professional chauffeurs will provide you with a five star service from pick up till drop off.

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Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S.

Where to Meet Your Driver at Boston Logan Airport
Where to Meet Your Driver at Boston Logan Airport

Complimentary Wait Time Take your time and relax. Up to 60 minutes of free wait time.

7 Passengers Luxury SUV Chevrolet Suburban

The most comfortable way to travel in a group of 7. Boston Limousine SUV service is great solution for your large party. Great for sight-seeing or even for business groups, that wish to travel together comfortably, and without the hassle of driving.

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Suburban SUV Airport Limo Service BOS

The 7 Passenger Chevy SUV offers comfort and convenience...

In the past, the SUVs used to drive like trucks. Even manufacturers considered them rough on the road and uncomfortable to ride in. Now, this has all changed. It is definitely the opposite. Because the 7 passenger chevy SUV is lighter and has more gas efficiency, riding in it is more pleasant, smooth and more affordable. Boston limousine will not charge you a fuel surcharge fee to cover the cost of gas. This is a win/win for everyone. Boston limousine will get to transport you in style and comfort and you get to ride in a nice, luxurious, comfortable and affordable vehicle.

Book the 7 Passenger Chevy SUV for family trips and more...

If you are taking your family on a trip and need a larger size vehicle to fit up to 7 passengers with luggage, then the 7 passengers SUV is the vehicle to choose from our fleet. Do you have less passengers and more luggage ? No worries. The 7 passenger Chevy Suburban has the option to fold the last row seat and have more cargo room for luggage. By doing so, you get 33 cubic feet more of luggage area, so a total of 77 cubic feet of cargo area. During the harsh New England winter, there is no better vehicle to ride in than the Chevy Suburban. This four wheel drive vehicle is perfect in the snow and will get you to your destination safely.

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