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Proms and Formals


Boston Limousine’s Prom Package will fulfill every student’s and parent’s expectation - a fabulous super stretch prom limousine, impeccable service, and a prompt, courteous, and responsible chauffeur. Our limousines includes a ready bar, glasses & Ice, custom audio/video entertainment center, and more.

Boston Limousine has been providing prom packages for students in all towns of Massachusetts since 1988. During these years, we served hundreds of happy graduates. We offer the best prom package values with the nicest and safest fleet, ranging from Classic Rolls Royce, to traditional stretch limousines to the grand SUV limousines and party buses.


All chauffeurs are well trained in order to make the teenager’s night safe and fun. Our chauffeur will follow strict instructions in order to ensure that the teenagers are picked up and dropped off safely. When the reservation is made, our sales team collects all the details of the prom night: pick up location, picture site, prom location and drop off location. We follow these instructions to the T and for their own safety we do not amend any detail during the service. The safety and well being of the students is our number one priority.


Prom Limo Packages include:
7 hours of service Garage to Garage, 1 Hour Free travel time, Prices are all Inclusive.


Prom Limousine
Seats 6
Prom Limousine
Seats 8
Prom Limousine
Seats 10
10 pasengers limo 6 pass Limo

6 pass Limo

$449 $495 $595

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Prom Suburban
Seats 6
Prom Navigator Limo
Seats 14
Prom H2 Hummer Limo
Seats 20

suburban suv

boston navigator prom limo boston hummer limo



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Prom Party-Bus
Seats 15
Prom Party-Bus
Seats 18
Prom Party-Bus
Seats 28

party bus

boston party bus Boston Party Bus




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What is the difference between prom packages and hourly service?

A lot of you might ask why can’t I book the limousine as an hourly service and not as a prom package? Why the prom package seems more expensive?  If I book the service online I can choose the hourly service versus the prom package.

Well we have all the answers for these questions.  The prom season starts in mid-April and continues thru the first week of June. During this period of time, all of our vehicles will only be booked for prom. We will not accept or book any service other than prom.

The prom package is actually not more expensive than the hourly service. Our prom packages are based on a 7 hour service and the price is all inclusive. This means that we include the driver’s gratuity in the package. All you need to do is divide the price by the number of passengers so that you know how much each person would pay. As we mentioned earlier, our packages are based on a 7 hour period because we will not leave the students at any time. The same driver will stay them all the time from pick up till drop off. Safety is what we want for the students just like their parents and this is why we designed the package the way it is.

Any online reservation that comes in will be followed by a phone call from one of our representative. We will keep the reservation if the service was for a prom and therefore amend it to a prom package after we explain our reason behind that change. If the service was not for a prom, we will apologize and cancel the service at no charge.


Prom packages are 100% non- refundable from the time the reservation is made. In the past, we did not have this strict policy until we had a lot of students cancelling the service the last minute due to a change in number of passengers or simply because they did not take permission from their parents. These cancellations caused so much loss to the company. Since then we decided to take reservation Only from a parent after explaining to them about our packages and specifically our cancellation policy. All the details of the prom night will be taken directly from the parent. Any amendments to the reservation will be also made by the parent who booked the service (and not another parent to another student) and will be followed by a revised email.

There are a lot of high schools in Massachusetts and everyone wants to ride in a limousine for their prom night. Unfortunately there are not a lot of limousine companies to fulfill these needs. We urge everybody to start shopping early and book as soon as they have a final count. 


Our chauffeurs never leave the prom location. They will always stay there, and wait for the passengers to get out of their prom. They will make sure that all the students are in the vehicle before leaving.

Your kids will definitely be more comfortable to see the same driver waiting for them. This is why we created the 7 hour prom package. Prom is an important milestone in your kids’ life, and we make every effort to make it different and safe. Doing a pickup and drop off service is definitely more profitable because we can make more than one prom in the same car. However this is not Boston Limousine’s priority. We think and believe that parents will have the peace of mind knowing that the same driver will pick up their kids, wait for them and bring them home safely. A lot of other limousine companies might promise you a 2 hour before and 2 hour after service or just a pickup and drop off service for a slightly cheaper rate. But this type of service is not always successful because the driver might come back late and he might not be the same person who picked you up at the beginning of the night.